Calcerò (I'll kick)

Heart-and-souls, roots, talents

Calcerò (“I’ll kick”) was the main new project launched during the Beppe Viola Cup back in 2017: a workshop of ideas, projects and opinions, an event inside the event, focused on the values of fair play.

The Municipal Casino of Arco becomes for an evening a place of analysis about the main topics about youth football.

Masterfully hosted by Leo Turrini, the first edition of Calcerò dealt with three macro-subjects:

  • Heart-and-souls: iconic players that devoted their career to a single team, creating a process of identification in the supporters: the aim is to restart this process, which seems to have gone lost in recent years

  • The roots: the youth football players who grew in a specific social context and became a symbol of excellence

  • The talents and their management: the role of family, talent scouts, coaches and attorneys

Trainers, managers, former champions, experts, journalists made their contribution to the event. “Calcerò” hosted Giancarlo Antognoni, Pietro Fanna, Domenico Volpati, Paolo Condò, Carlos Passerini, Luca Bianchin, Francesco Federico Pagani, Drazen Bolic, and ChievoVerona’s coach Rolando Maran.

Calcerò took place for the second time at the Casinò Municipale of Arco on Monday, March 12th, 2018, at the eve of the 47th Trofeo Beppe Viola’s final match. President of the Italian Footballers Association Damiano Tommasi; Genoa’s coach Davide Ballardini (voted “Coach of the dreams” by the 2018 Beppe Viola’s participants); Luca Piazzi, Parma’s Head of Youth Development; La Gazzetta dello Sport’s reporter Marco Calabresi.

Photo: : a moment of 2018 Calcerò with D. Tommasi e D. Ballardini (Credits: Piermarco Tacca)