About us

This is a great showcase for the most remarkable young talents and an exceptional stadium generating ideas and discussions about what worries young football players and undermines their career. Goals, education and fair play – in the pitch and in life – once again will be the main topics of the Torneo Città di Arco – Beppe Viola, heading to its 48th edition. The tournament is held on two tracks: the four pitches selected for the event and casino of Arco with “Calcerò”, a full agenda shared by special guests.

The Torneo Città di Arco – Beppe Viola dates back to 1972 when Franco Viola put into action an idea produced by his vocation and know-how first as Olimpia Calcio coach and then as its manager, one of the most fruitful and longed-for football breeding ground of the region. He wanted to create a nationally renowned showcase for young football players. Initially, it wasn’t easy to persuade the football clubs to tackle such a long road trip. Even though the event had been postponed from the Easter week to the Carnival’s week, it became such an international appointment that the Italian Football Federation pauses the Under 17 National Series.

In the early 80’s, the combination between the Journalism Award entitled to the memorable and unforgettable Beppe Viola gave the event a massive exposure. Currently, the Torneo Città di Arco – Beppe Viola is a destination for talent scouts, prosecutors and team managers who, apart from writing down young talents’ names and technical notes on their notebooks, will be active participants of innovative debates about topics, stories, characters and insights of the youth football.

Furthermore, the tournament merges playful and competitive tradition to the aim of being a workshop of ideas, projects and incitement which boosts the Italian youth movement through debates.