AC Milan beats Chievo and challenges Atalanta in Beppe Viola final

The Rossoneri overcome the Venetians by 2-0, and nurture the dream of reclaiming the Beppe Viola title 15 years later: the 2004 team also featured the late Davide Astori

10 march 2019

AC Milan used cynicism to join Atalanta in the 48th Trofeo Beppe Viola final. The team managed by Christian Terni saw off Chievoverona by 2-0 at the end of an intense and even contest, in which the better team in exploiting the mistakes of the opposition came out on top on Via Pomerio’s pitch.

In the first half, the two teams were challenged by the strong wind, and closed the fraction with one goal opportunity each. Chievo’s Grazioli used a long-distance attempt to threaten Molari’s goal at 26’, whilst a header by Milan’s Capone was disarmed by Chievo’s difense at minute 35.

The second half mirrored the same plot at the beginning, but after Chievo’s difence saved on new-entry Luscietti’s short-distance attempt, Robotti scored at minute 53 at the end of a confused action in the box, with a shot deflected by Chievo’s defender Bonini. Shortly after (57’), an ill-timed coming out of Milan’s goalkeeper Moleri offered a big opportunity to Vesentini, who failed to seize it.

Chievo tried to raise the pressure in the final 15 minutes: Merci wasted a huge opportunity, sending the ball over the bar just from in front of the net, and at minute 75 the post denied the equalizer to Bontempi. It was the last real chance for the Verona’s team, that went down by two at minute 80, when Luscietti broke clear from the offside line and easily beat Malaguti. Chievo’s Merci was ejected in the injury time.

The 48th edition of Trofeo Beppe Viola will be played between two multi-winning teams: Milan has won six editions, Atalanta succeeded five times – all of them most recent than Milan’s final one, in 2004. In that year, the Milan side also featured the late Davide Astori.

It was hard,” Milan’s Manager Christian Terni told, “Chievo is a good and well organized team, and it makes it difficult for any opponent to play. Our performance in the tournament has already exceeded our expectations, but it’s not time to celebrate yet. Let’s hope to do it on Tuesday night.