An all-round success for the Trofeo Beppe Viola (also on the web)

The 47th edition of Arco's tournament re-affirmed its technical and promotional value: over 430 thousands of people joined the PMG Sport live coverage

21 august 2018

What a success for the Trofeo Beppe Viola, in and out of the pitch. The 47th edition, won by the Torino FC 25 years after the previous success (1-0 against Bologna in the final match) gave Italian football – looking for news talents and solutions after missing the qualification to 2018 World Cup – interesting suggestions for a “new born”. Many of the 27 matches played on the four pitches of Arco (via Pomerio and Romarzollo), Riva del Garda – Varone and Mori offered valuable technical skills. The strong growth of the visualizations on PMG Sport‘s Facebook page and the websites that broadcasted the Trofeo Beppe Viola confirms the quality of the event.

Three youngsters particularly shone among the participants of the 47th edition, in the wake of former champions like Fabio Cannavaro and Francesco Totti and today’s revelations like Patrick Cutrone (AC Milan). With two goals among semi-final and final, Niccolò Moreo led Torino FC to success. The creative advanced midfielder Simone Rabbi (Bologna FC) was named “best player” of the 2018 tournament. Atalanta‘s Diallo Amad Traore was the best scorer with three goal, despite his team didn’t manage to get to the semi-finals.

“We need to start from the Youth Teams to solve the problems of the Italian football. We are sure we played well our part also this year to give a boost to the growth and the new born of the sector. We are proud of the congratulations received by the clubs we hosted: they are a further boost to improve ourselves. We attended one of the most open and spectatulars finals ever: Torino FC-Bologna FC was like an English match. It could be a spot for a new and funnier idea of this sport” OC President Marco Benedetti explained.

The data of the tournament’s web broadcast confirms the success of the 47th edition. The partnership with PMG Sport, web platform specialized in the production and the distribution of multimedia contents, was successful again. The live coverage of the 27 matches of the U17 international tournament and the Women’s Primavera tournament recorded 320.000 visualizations, 600 shares, 9.542 reactions and 376.494 minutes of views time. More 212.000 visualizations came by,,, and Trofeo Beppe Viola websites. “These impressive numbers tell about the good work PMG Sport did both in the production and the distribution of the event” Benedetti adds.

Now the Trofeo Beppe Viola doesn’t stop: the OC is studying how to grow more in the future, counting on the support of Football Italy’s Association. “After the definition of the federal board, we hope our event could be recognized by the Italian football federation with a partnership allowing us to improve the level of the teams and to increase the number and the quality of the side events”.

As in 2017, Calcerò (“I’ll kick”) was a key moment of the Trofeo Beppe Viola: a debate night in the Salone delle Feste of Arco’s Casinò with prominent characters of the Italian football, including Damiano Tommasi, President of the Italy’s players association, and Genoa CFC‘s coach Davide Ballardini.