Full points for Atalanta, Roma and Chievo: wide-open run for semifinals

Three teams boast two wins out of two, but still no guaranteed spots in thew semis: all verdicts are down to 48th Trofeo Beppe Viola day 3

08 march 2019

Sun was back shining over Arco in 48th Trofeo Beppe Viola day 2, on Friday March 8th. The International Under 17 Tournament keeps displaying great talents (Zalewski, Yeboah, Horvath to mention a few) and even challenges: in spite of three teams boasting full points – Atalanta, Roma and Chievo – none of them carries a ticket for the semifinals yet.

An exciting day 3 expects the Arco Tournament, whilst early verdicts involve the eliminated teams, with Partizan, Brøndby and Napoli already out of ambitions.


In group A, Atalanta enjoyed a strong start versus Brøndby, scoring right away with Sidibe. In the first 25 minutes it was a one-way contest, with Danish goalkeeper Juul saving Brøndby on several occasions. At minute 25, on a rare counterattack by the Danes, Rytter was fouled down in the box. The same player realized the penalty kick, making it 1-1.
The physical play of Brøndby limited Atalanta’s game, but at minute 55 the new-entry Repa headed in a cross from the left by Ruggeri, bringing his team back in front. Brøndby tried to react with little avail, and Repa seized the opportunity for a second goal in the final minutes, setting the score on 3-1.

In the other group A match, Torino beat Arco 3-0 with an underwhelming performance. The Granata dominated the pitch, but that did not convert into a beautiful and productive play, and the scoreboard features two failed penalty kicks by Tordini. Filippone brought Torino ahead in the first half (25’) on Tordini’s assist, whilst Tordini himself scored on a free kick in the second half. In the final, Salvi was protagonist of an incredible own goal. Tomorrow, the Granata defending champions will play versus Atalanta hoping for the semifinals: they only have one result to achieve that.


Group B is shaping up, as AC Milan and Hellas Verona – yesterday opposed in a 2-2 tie – moved to 4 points by beating Rappresentativa Dilettanti and SS Lazio respectively.

The rossoneri enjoyed a 3-1 success, proving to be the better side over much of the 70 minutes of play. The first goal came at minute 7, with a free kick by Capone. Rappresentativa Dilettanti managed to even things up again at minute 16 with a header by Chiricallo off a corner, but got behind again at 24’, when a penalty was assigned to AC Milan after Di Noia handed the ball: Capone was impeccable again in the penalty kick. The AC Milan striker could have sealed a hat trick, had he not missed an enticing opportunity at the end of the first half.

The second half was less entertaining: Rappresentativa Dilettanti went close to tie the game on a couple of free kicks, but a mistake by goalkeeper Siani opened the way to Cudjoe’s 3-1.

The Rossoneri’s fate won’t be decided by them though: after edging AC Milan at the penalties, Verona holds the reins of the game as it claimed a reassuring 3-0 win on SS Lazio. The first goal was scored by Verona’s captain Calabrese at minute 11 from a corner kick. SS Lazio tried to react, often lacking lucidity in the crucial moments. The biancocelesti were the most proactive side also early in the second half, even more when Hellas Verona was left with 10 players due to Turra’s ejection at minute 53. SS Lazio’s Castigliani wasted a majoy opportunity on a counterattack, but Verona didn’t: Yeboah brought the lead to 2-0 at 68’, whilst Pierobon rounded out the score at the end with a beautiful action.


SPAL and Parma (Group C) gave life to a beautiful duel, ended with a 1-1 score. Anyway, the Crociati prevalied at the penaltes, giving them control on their destiny: if they beat Napoli (already out) tomorrow, they would access the semifinals.

SPAL enjoyed a good start, moving ahead at minute 8 with a beautiful free kick by Horvath. Parma’s reaction came thick and fast: Stefancic’s goal at 12’ was ruled out due to offside, and the same striker hit the crossbar off a corner at 18’, but El Ghazzouli finally equaled the score at 30’, with a short-distance deviation off a Ballabio’s cross.

SPAL mostly dominated the second half but failed in converting their prevailence into goals. Saggionetto wasted a huge chance ahead of Parma’s goalie Rinaldi at minute 66. At the penalties, Manara and Laghi’s mistakes proved costly for SPAL.


In Group D, AS Roma and Chievo are leading with 6 points after beating Trentino and Partizan.

The Giallorossi easied off the Rappresentativa Trentino in Arco, sealing a 3-1 win. Opening the scoreboard was an own-goal by Kojdhali at minute 13, followed by a winning shot by Zalewski ten minutes later. AS Roma made it three at minute 47 with Milanese, while Trentino took one on its own with Tognotti in the recovery time.

In the other Group D contest, Chievo struggled to see off Partizan (1-0), in an unspectacular and nervous game. Few occasions were seen in a match with plenty of fouls. The decisive moment came at 59’: Anyimah forced his way through Partizan’s defence and was unfairly stopped just before entering the box by Djordjevic, who received a second yellow card in the process. On the following free kick, Marco Bontempi scored with an accurate execution. Partizan’s trainer Jesic was ejected with a few minutes to the finish. Tomorrow Roma and Chievo will clash for a spot in the semifinals.

Group A
Atalanta-Brøndby 3-1
Torino-Arco 3-0

Group B
Lazio-Verona 0-3
Milan-Rappr. Dilettanti 3-1

Group C
Spal-Parma 1-1 (4-5 d.c.r.)

Group D
Partizan-Chievo 0-1
Roma-Rappr. Trentino 3-1


Group A: Atalanta 6; Torino 4; Brøndby 1; Arco 0.
Group B: Verona, Milan 4; Lazio, Rappr. Dilettanti 1
Group C: Spal 4; Parma 1; Napoli 0
Group D: Roma, Chievo 6; Partizan, Rappr. Trentino 0


Group A
Atalanta-Torino (h. 13.00, Arco Via Pomerio): CLICK HERE
Brøndby-Arco (h. 13.00, Riva del Garda Varone): CLICK HERE

Group B
Milan-Lazio (h. 15.15, Arco Via Pomerio): CLICK HERE
Verona-Rappr. Dilettanti (h. 15.15, Riva del Garda Varone): CLICK HERE

Group C
Napoli-Parma (h. 15.15, Arco Bolognano): CLICK HERE 

Group D
Roma-Chievo (h. 13.00, Arco Romarzollo): CLICK HERE
Partizan-Rappr. Trentino (h. 13.00, Arco Bolognano): CLICK HERE