In memory of Beppe Viola

During the years the “Torneo Città di Arco” was named “Trofeo Beppe Viola”, in memory of Giuseppe “Beppe” Viola, a very talented sport journalist, who was born in Milan in 1939 and died too soon, in 1982, always in Milan, the city in which he had always lived. Milan was his city, where he spent most of his career as a sports journalist, first working with Sportinformazione and then, since 1961, in RAI, the Italian National Television.

In RAI he was editor, special envoy, radio commentator and finally TV sports commentator (football, boxe, horseracing, motoring world). He also wrote a long documentary about the Mille Miglia and took part in some editions of the Domenica Sportiva, one of the most popular Italian TV programs about sports, broadcasted on Sunday. In his free time, Viola was a songwriter and also experimented with movie and theatre screenplays: he was an artist living in close proximity with the artists of that period.

Beppe Viola suddenly died at 42, in the evening of Sunday, October 17th, 1982, due to a cerebral hemorrhage, while he was preparing a reportage of the match between Inter Milan and Napoli (2-2), the sixth match of the Serie A, after having previously watched it at Giuseppe Meazza stadium in the afternoon.

The famous Italian journalist Gianni Brera described Viola’s multi-faceted personality recalling his passion for the card games in the pubs, the horseraces and the wine, his ability in jokes expressing the spice of life: “He had a natural and mocking humour; due to his innate honesty, he was extremely straight forward in every field he was called to express words and thoughts”.