Italian footballers association warn against match-fixing

AIC gathered many young players in Arco for an important educational meeting around the risks of match-fixing by gambling, former FC Inter’s Massimo Paganin e Pierpaolo Romani explained

09 march 2019

At the end of 48th Trofeo Beppe Viola day2, Friday evening in Arco, a huge number of young players attended the first educational meeting powered by the AIC – Associazione Italiana Calciatori (the Italian Footballers Association) to advice the youngsters about the main risks in football players are exposed more on these days. Friday’s meeting was dedicated to Match-fixing.

“Match-fixing by gambling” was the theme Massimo Paganin (former serie A player and FC Inter captain) and Pierpaolo Romani (AIC advisor, author of “Calcio Criminale” (Criminal Football) book warned against with a very outspoken video. Players – regardless their age and the category they belong to – can put themselves in danger once they accept the pressure of anyone acting on behalf of organized crime.

“Never lend yourself to any questionable request or enticing promises. Indeed, you can easily get a lot of money but bear in mind that you are destroying your career and the whole life”, Paganin and  Romani explained, pointing out a complaint to the sport authorities as a must in the event of any undue pressure from people inner or outer the club. As the AIC maintains a high threat level on purpose, young players can be aware and constantly informed of the risks involved.