Next Gen clash Serie A vs. Africa's at 2019 "Beppe Viola"

The OC announced the teams’ list for the 48th edition of Arco's U17 event (March 7th-12th). Torino goes for the encore, Atalanta, Roma, Milan, Napoli and Partizan ready to fight for the success. The revelation Spal gives rise to huge curiosity, as well as Ghana and Senegal's selections

01 february 2019

The organizers of Trofeo Beppe Viola, one of Italy’s most important and famous youth football events, announced the teams’ list for the 48th edition of the U17 international tournament to be held in Arco, Trentino dedicated to the Rai National TV’s journalist untimely died in 1982.

Sixteen Italian and international teams will play sorrounded by the Garda Trentino natural beauties, from March 7th to 12th. Football enthusiasts and insiders will have the opportunity to see new talents in action, hopefully future European football stars in a few years.

At the 2019 “Beppe Viola” the youngsters of Torino‘s glorious “cantera” are called to defend the title won last year. Anyway, it won’t be a piece of cake for coach Marco Sesia’s footballers: on the wake of the first team’s wonders, Atalanta is ready to shine again in Arco, as well as credited team like Roma, Milan, Napoli and Serbia’s Partizan Belgrado, one of World’s most shiny football farm.

Lazio, ChievoVerona, Parma, Spal, landlord Arco and Dane Broendby complete the 12-club list for Trentino’s event. Rappresentativa Dilettanti, Rappresentativa Allievi Trentino, Dakar’s Academie Football Club Baobab (Senegal) – founded by former Italy’s Youth National Teams’ coach Paolo Berrettini – and Accra’s Glow-Lamp Soccer Academy (Ghana) complete the field.

The presence of the two Africans selections is by itself a source of interest and attraction at next Trofeo Beppe Viola: Senegal and Ghana’s prospects have a great opportunity under the eye of  European and  Italian clubs. Talent scouts won’t miss the chance to write the most interesting names in bold letters on their notebooks.

Preliminary round groups and timeschedule will be announced in a few days.

THE LIST OF THE 16 PARTICIPANTS: Torino, Atalanta, Milan, Roma, Napoli, Lazio, ChievoVerona, Parma, Spal, Arco, Partizan, Brondby, Rappresentativa Dilettanti U17, Rappresentativa Allievi Trentino, Rappresentativa Ghana, Rappresentativa Senegal.