Spal claims surprise win on Napoli in Beppe Viola debut

The Ferrara’s team clinched a 2-1 win on Napoli, Milan recovers from two down against Verona. Scoreless tie between Lazio and Rappresentativa Dilettanti

07 march 2019

Heavy rain has characterized the last games of 48th Beppe Viola’s day 1, that also delivered the first major upset of the tournament. In a shorthanded C group after Ghana’s late scratch, the ambitious Spal secured a prestigious 2-1 win versus Napoli.

Unexpected as it was, the outcome was all but deserved by the Spal side, that dominated the first half with a goal (Ellertson at minute 31) and a post hit by Horvat. A revolutionized Napoli showed up in the second half with six substitutes, but it was the seventh who proved instrumental, as Altomare scored from a corner action at minute 57, shortly after being sent on the pitch. Spal kept trying in the final minutes, and ultimately succeeded with Bertini’s decisive goal: Napoli’s way to the next round has suddenly become steep.

Verona and Milan (Group B) delivered goals and a good spectacle in Arco, claiming one point each after also splitting the match’s domination. The first half was arguably Verona’s one, as the venetian team went up 2-0 with Martone and Yeboah. Milan didn’t lose its composure though and came back in the second half thanks to the goals by Capone (49’) and Angeli (62’), fixing the score on 2-2. Verona proved better in the penalty kicks, prevailing by a 5-3 score.

Lazio got off to a disappointing start against Rappresentativa Dilettanti (Girone B): no score and few goal opportunities, in a game certainly affected by heavy rain. The Biancocelesti still managed to win the edge at the penalty kicks (3-0).