The Italian football players’ Association enters the field in Arco

AIC will share experience with both athletes and club managers at the Beppe Viola Trophy U17 tournament (7-12 March) playing a major role with its President Damiano Tommasi at Calcero’s event on Monday, March 11st

05 march 2019

One out of thousands succeeds, yet even fewer. For this reason, football is not only a final destination but could and has to be an opportunity of growth and personal development which are necessary to face a bright future also beyond the football field. This is what the AIC will share with the young athletes at the 48th Beppe Viola Trophy by sponsoring the international football trophy for Under 17 players, scheduled from 7 to 12 March in Arco (Trento, Italy).

The Italian football players’ Association managed by Damiano Tommasi, who was a former Hellas Verona, AS Roma and Italian team’s player, has organised some activities and meetings with the participating young athletes and club managers. In addition to explaining which are the real difficulties to enter the professional world, even when players join main teams, AIC has scheduled some further educational and careers guidance seminar with some experts. The main topics are: the relationship with medication, the bets phenomenon, the educational projects.

“Becoming a football player: a dream, not an obsession” will be the topic for discussion at “Calcerò”, the focus evening about young football players scheduled on Monday, March 11th at 7.30 PM CETat Arco Casino where the Football Association’s #1 Damiano Tommasi will personally enliven the debate with experts, managers, athletes and journalists.

“Since ever, and increasingly – Marco Benedetti, President of the Beppe Viola Trophy Organising Committee, explained – our event strongly focuses on the international young talents and is an exclusive arena to share ideas and opinions about the issues which could jeopardise the future of this movement. Our partnership with AIC is actually natural and ideal to support our values: education and fair-play into and beyond the field. We want to be the ambassadors of a new approach to the football adventure: sport has to support values and education for tomorrow’s citizens”.

The 48th edition of Beppe Viola Trophy starts from Thursday, March 7th at 1PM with the following matches: Brøndby—Torino (Arco, via Pomerio), Roma-Partizan (Arco, Romarzollo), ChievoVerona-Rapp. Trentino (Varone) and Atalanta-Arco (Bolognano). As occurred in the latest two editions, all 27 marches of the trophy will be live broadcasted on PMG Sport, which makes the event available on every device and social networks. Moreover, the event’s finale will be broadcasted live on Raisport TV Channel on Tuesday, March 12th from 6PM CET.