The Little League

There’s something special in the air during the parade of the 64 teams’ riders involved in the Torneo Città di Arco’s Little League: sense of belonging and pride for the jersey these 8/10-year-old players wear. They are really young but already prepared to keep the rules of the sport they choose to grow up and to be big. Last Sunday, January 28th the ceremony renewed for the 19th time: opened by Dro‘s marching band and Majorettes, the parade moved towards the stadium, crossing the parking, the brigde and the city streets. A real show inside the show with the oath of the baby players and the speech of the authorities taking place in the stadium, among over 2.000 parents, young players and teams’ managers.

As decided by the Italian Football Federation there are no overall winners, but every children bring a long the results impressed in their hearts. In 2018 the Little League hosted 64 teams with participation awards provided to six clubs: Usd Arco 1895, Baldo Junior Team, SSV Benacense 1905, Asd Calcio Chiese, Asd Paluani Life e Asd Real Grezzanalugo.