Women's Tournament

Fiorentina was the winner of Torneo Città di Arco – Trofeo “Beppe Viola” 2018 female tournament dedicated to Youth teams and held in three intense match days on March 11th-13th, 2018 in Arco. Fiorentina defeated Roma, the defending champion, with a score of 3-1 in the final match. AGSM Verona ranked third by winning 3-1 (on penalties) against Inter Milan.

Women’s football teams are a constant presence at Trofeo Beppe Viola since 2002. Their matches are followed with passion and knowledge by fans and enthusiasts. Sharing a common purpose, the OC and the National Amateur League (the Italian Football Federation’s body which rules amateur football in Italy) renewed the yearly appointment in the wonderful Trentino‘s town.

In Arco’s tournament one can find the very essence of the football, the fertile humus from which football originates and grow: the amateurs, the women, the youth. Individual learning, group growth, transformation of a game in a sport develop there and from here. Basins and labs at the same time, contents and containers, the academies – in this case the Women’s Youth Teams – are sports organizations with both outstanding achievements and significant, concrete opportunities: the extensive presence on the national territory, the respect for laws and rules, the certainty of the regulation, the power of volunteering, the will of friendly competition and human growth ot the players.

The Trofeo Beppe Viola is a key event for the National football, giving athletes a space where they can meet and dialogue, with the aim of bringing back football to his maiden nature of sport and game. The goal is to highlight the gaming dimension of the amateur football, putting the person first, and then the sportsman. Before behind a showcase for their talent or technical skills, the participants know the Trofeo Beppe Viola is an occasion of moral growth thanks to the benchmark values, being the sport a special and unique training ground of civic and intellectual education.